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Do turkey vultures attack humans?

Hi, I was cycling along a country road this afternoon, when I saw two dark figures on the road ahead of me. Initially I thought that they were bear cubs, as there have been many bear sightings in the area. I stopped my bike and realized that they were two very large birds and looked like turkey vultures. I quickly turned around to cycle away, then one of the vultures came after me, and followed me for about 500 yards (I don't think I've ever pedalled so fast in my life!). I came home and immediately did some research on the internet. I learned that they do not go after live animals, so there is little risk to small children or family pets. My question is: would they attack a human if they were disturbed while dining on roadkill? I live in Eastern Ontario, Canada.
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    No, they are very unaggressive. The only reason they might go after you (to scare you off, not to injure you) is the same reason that a lot of birds do, even small birds: because you are near a fledgling or nest. My guess is that the bird that did *not* chase you was a fledgling and the one that did chase you was its parent, teaching it how to find and harvest roadkiill. (Fledglings of many species look like adults to the casual observer.) Birds are not aggressive to protect their food, but (like mother bears) can be pretty determined to protect their young.
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